The Body and Big Brave Team Up for New Album 'Leaving None but Small Birds'

Hear the two groups' version of traditional folk song "Oh Sinner"
The Body and Big Brave Team Up for New Album 'Leaving None but Small Birds'
The Body and Big Brave have lifted the curtain on a new collaborative album. The experimental metal outfits will share Leaving None but Small Birds on September 24 through Thrill Jockey.

Rooted in folk music, the seven-track Leaving None but Small Birds saw both groups aim to make music outside the boundaries of what they create respectively.

The album follows both Big Brave's Vital, which arrived this past April, and the Body's I've Seen All I Need to See, which came out in January.

The Body's Lee Buford sought to make an album that evoked "the country and folk roots of the Band," leading Big Brave's Robin Wattie to compile lyrics and melodies from Appalachian, Canadian and English hymns and folk songs.

From there, select phrases were then reworked and arranged to "centre the experiences of marginalized characters, victims of hardship, and those yearning for love within each story." Music was composed almost entirely in-studio at Machines with Magnets in Rhode Island, where the bands worked alongside engineer/producer Seth Manchester. 

Arriving alongside today's news is "Oh Sinner," which you can hear below.

Leaving None but Small Birds:

1. Blackest Crow
2. Oh Sinner
3. Hard Times
4. Once I Had a Sweetheart
5. Black is the Colour
6. Polly Gosford
7. Babes in the Woods

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