​Sigrid Shares New Single "Burning Bridges"

​Sigrid Shares New Single 'Burning Bridges'
Norwegian pop singer Sigrid has released her newest single, "Burning Bridges." 

Charli XCX premiered the track during her BBC Radio 1 residency today, naming it in the Hottest Record segment of the radio show. 

Last week, Sigrid shared the official cover art for the new single in an Instagram post, along with a snippet of the song. She also detailed the track's sound, revealing that it's "a mix between rock and Scandi-pop."

Of the song, she said in the post: "[It's] about that moment when you know you have to let go and when you are listening to the song, I'm cool with it being anything you want it to be."

She continued: "I've also found out it's a great song for running in the woods, or walking to a meeting you're a bit nervous for, or power walking down the street — it's just a really sick song and I'm so proud of it."

In a press release for the track, Sigrid added: "It's inspired by one of the toughest things I've been through. It's a song that's about the point where you just have to say in a relationship, 'you know what, let's just finish this.' That moment of enough is enough, and you need a clean break."

"Burning Bridges" follows her track "Mirror," which was released in May. Sigrid has yet to announce any future album or upcoming projects. The artist's debut album Sucker Punch arrived back in 2019.

Listen to "Burning Bridges" below.