myst milano. Announces New Album 'Beyond the Uncanny Valley'

Listen to lead single "Thirteen"
myst milano. Announces New Album 'Beyond the Uncanny Valley'
Toronto DJ/rapper myst milano. has announced a new album, Beyond the Uncanny Valley, out August 25 via Phantom Limb in the UK and Halocline Trance in Canada. 

Beyond the Uncanny Valley will pay homage to the African diaspora by revisiting the Black roots of electronic music. The album incorporates elements of Canadian house, Detroit electro, Chicago footwork, UK jungle and dubstep, Jersey/Baltimore/Philly club, Southern hip-hop and West Coast funk.

"I offer Beyond the Uncanny Valley as a working anthology of Black electronic music across generational, geographical and genre lines," said milano. in a press release. "I thought a lot about staples of Black art across the world that can be traced back to Africa, and that link the diaspora regardless of where our people end up and throughout all eras." 

The album is underpinned by a mechanized female voice throughout, which represents the dystopian setting of the album, where humans and robots have bled into one.

"When we go beyond the uncanny valley, we reach a state of perfect harmony where the robot has mimicked the human to the point of being indistinguishable," milano. explained. "Who are we when we become perfect imitations of what the world wants instead of who we really are, which is imperfect and flawed and a little uncanny, anyway?"

Check out the lead single for Beyond the Uncanny Valley, "Thirteen," and the full tracklist below.

Beyond the Uncanny Valley:

1. Thirteen
2. Choose Summer (Gold Teeth and Bamboo$)
3. Ring Ring
4. No Sleep
5. Pressure
6. Just One Thing
7. NBHD (feat. Casey MQ)
8. I'm On
9. Woosh
10. Black Rainbow / Uncanny Valley