John Frusciante Teases New Solo Material, Previews Two Tracks

Trickfinger is back
John Frusciante Teases New Solo Material, Previews Two Tracks
Photo: Matt Forsythe
Last year, John Frusciante took a major left turn with : I I ., an electronic album that couldn't have possibly been more different from the music he makes with the Red Hot Chili Peppers. Now, Frusciante has teased his next solo release, which marks the return of his solo alias Trickfinger.

The release was announced by Evar Records, the label Frusciante co-runs with his partner, the electronic artist Aura T-09. An Instagram post by the label reveals, "Two brand new tracks from Trickfinger coming soon… here's a sneak peak [sic]!" There are short snippets of the two tracks, which are beat-driven electronic bangers full of swirling synth chords and squelchy, futuristic tones.

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Frusciante introduced his Trickfinger alias in 2012, around the time he transitioned into fully electronic solo music. He has released a couple of EPs and three full-lengths with the project, most recently 2020's She Smiles Because She Presses the Button. He eventually returned his releasing solo music under his own name for 2020's Maya; this upcoming release is his first Trickfinger material since then.

It's not totally clear when these Trickfinger tracks will arrive. It appears it will be a two-song single rather than an album, but no further information is available at the moment.

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