Concerts Are Returning and Fans Are Already Mad at Ticketmaster

After a long year of closures, shows are finally coming back — and so is the hate for the ticketing giant
Concerts Are Returning and Fans Are Already Mad at Ticketmaster
With live music slowly returning to the world, so has the sometimes painful experience of waiting in digital queues for artist pre-sales. This morning, Lorde fans got a solid dose of technical difficulties, and like clockwork, they're getting vocal about their frustration online.

Ticketmaster began trending this morning when fans, attempting to secure pre-sale tickets to the Solar Power tour, were met with long queues, sold-out arenas, crashes and plenty more. Similarly, Twenty One Pilots fans experienced difficulties getting tickets earlier this week when Ticketmaster crashed entirely. The ticketing agent has since issued an apology and blamed the issues on "overwhelming demand."
As such, music fans are taking their rage out on Twitter, accusing the ticketing agent of kicking fans out of queue, being disorganized and allowing scalpers to buy up mass quantities of tickets, among other things.

On Ticketmaster's part, it has offered the following message to fans stuck in line: "Due to overwhelming demand for this show, ticket availability is now extremely limited, and some ticket options will be unavailable."

Unfortunately, there has been little to quell the anger of some rabid music fans, as you can tell from the Twitter outrage below.