Simu Liu on the End of 'Kim's Convenience': "I'm Still Pretty F**king Angry"

The actor has "thoughts about our 'cancellation,' and they come with tea and receipts"
Simu Liu on the End of 'Kim's Convenience': 'I'm Still Pretty F**king Angry'
Following tonight's finale, Kim's Convenience is coming to an end after five seasons, and not unlike the show's legions of viewers, star Simu Liu remains disappointed with the show's sudden wrap.

Liu took to Twitter yesterday (April 12) to share, "On the eve of what is now to be the series finale of Kim's Convenience, I hoped I'd be at a point where I could speak about it with a clear head. But the truth is I'm still pretty f**king angry. Hours of therapy are sure to follow. You all deserved a proper ending."

He added: "I have thoughts about our 'cancellation,' and they come with tea and receipts. For now, they will remain in my head." In early March, the producers of Kim's Convenience confirmed that the CBC sitcom's fifth season would be its last, as the show's co-creators would be moving on to other projects.

Responding to a fan's question about a potential sixth season, Liu shared, "It was many of our hopes and wishes that S6 would be the opportunity for us to take a greater control of the creative and help guide the show back to what initially made it so resonant." Following news of the cancellation, Saturday Night Live cast member Bowen Yang used his appearance on Weekend Update to call to "save Kim's Convenience." KC cast members Andrew Phung and Nicole Power have already lined up new shows.

Later this year, Liu will enter the Marvel Cinematic Universe as the star of forthcoming film Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings. While a trailer for that film has yet to arrive, we have LEGO to thank for a peek at Liu in his heroic new role.

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