'Holmes & Watson' Is So Bad That Netflix Wouldn't Even Buy It

Sony allegedly tried to offload the comedy disaster before begrudgingly releasing it in theatres this month
'Holmes & Watson' Is So Bad That Netflix Wouldn't Even Buy It
Though Netflix certainly offers a great deal of impressive titles, it's clearly an organization that favours quantity over quality. But while the streaming service has built a reputation as a dumping ground for studio flicks that are destined to fail in the cinema, even Netflix didn't want to buy the shitty new Will Ferrell and John C. Reilly movie Holmes & Watson.

Etan Cohen's follow-up to Get Hard opened to an astonishing 0% rating on Rotten Tomatoes (it's since risen to 6%, which is still not... great). According to numerous Hollywood insiders, the writing was on the wall about the movie for a long time.

The movie started filming in 2016, and Sony bumped its release date four times due to poor test screenings. Now, industry reports indicate that the studio was allegedly scrambling to dump the movie on Netflix during that time, but it was even too bad for streaming hub. 

Here's an excerpt from a Deadline report:

We had heard for quite some time that test scores for Holmes & Watson were so bad that Sony tried unloading the movie to Netflix, but the streamer wouldn't buy it.

Alonso Duralde, a writer for The Wrap, also seems to know something about this would-be sale:
The fact that Netflix wouldn't buy it makes us really want to see it. After all, could it really be worse than the Ricky Gervais journalism comedy or the one where Kevin James plays a spy?